Walks Around The Malverns ( Roy Woodcock )

Title Walks Around The Malverns
Author Roy Woodcock
Publisher Meridian Books
ISBN 1-869922-53-0

A splendid selection of well described walks around the Malvern area

Roy Woodcock is local to the Malvern region, and his enthusiasm for the area comes across in the incredibly well detailed descriptions that guide you around the walks. These descriptions are punctuated with local history and trivia, giving the book a personal feel. Roy is a talented writer and has clearly made considerable effort to produce this excellent guide.

The book contains 20 walks over the hills themselves, and around the surrounding area. Many walks are in the region of four to six miles, though there are a couple of longer and shorter walks, the longest of which - the Malvern Hills Ridge walk - has optional starting points making it 10, 13.5 or 16 miles in length, depending on whether the walk is begun south of Chase End Hill, Eastnor, or Ledbury.

Whilst not a major detraction, as the books descriptions have so far proved themselves more than adaquate, route maps are illustrative sketches and on the whole not a major aid to navigation. All in all, however, for the price this is an excellent resource for the Malvern area, and one I would suggest as a worthwhile purchase for anyone who wishes to explore the Malvern Hills.


I've recorded our experiences of the walks we've done from this book elsewhere - my notes focus on the aesthetics of the experience, and are delibratly no replacement for this excellent guide - consider them reviews of individual walks.