Raggedstone Hill and Chase End

Ragged Stone Hill and Chase End

We've done a few walks along the Malverns, but hadn't managed to bag Chase End Hill as of yet. With a couple of hours spare on this february winter afternoon we decided to do a short bimble from Hollybush Quarry. En-route my partner, perhaps aware of my unique navigational philosophy ( get repeatedly as lost as possible and use my memory to remember as much detail as possible ) she opted to maximise the benefit of the dwindling hours with the purchase of Roy Woodcock's Walks around the Malverns. We took a couple of friends with us on this walk, who were a little less experienced than us. They tackled Raggedstone hill, but turned off before the ascent of Chase End Hill in order to return to the Car Park.

The views to be had during the ascent of Raggedstone Hill were very enjoyable - illustrated by the picture above. The rolling hills and countryside of Hereford and Worcester are decorated by the Monolith, Eastnor Castle and Hollybush Quarry. The shelter on Midsummer Hill was also visible, and whilst lacking the elevation of its Northern cousins, Raggedstone hill, with its twin peaks and associated folklore is well worth a visit. The panorama above fails to convey the depth of the views which deserve to be appreciatted first hand.

Whilst on the large part, a straightfoward walk, Roy's book enabled us to enjoy the stroll without worrying about navigation. There were one or two spots where we may have lost the trail were it not for his detailed guidance. If this walk is anything to go by, mr Woodcock focuses his attention on areas where finer details assist navigation.

The walk up to Chase End hill from the picturesque hamlet of White Leaved Oak was quite muddy and presented a challenge to traverse without going ankle deep. We were so focused on placing our feet for the next step that the summit came as a very pleasant shock when we reached it to bag the peak, and the views east and south suddenly became visible.

A pleasant stroll through woodland, with occasional patches of snowdrops led us back towards the A438, followed by a short walk to the carpark to finish the walk.


  • Roy Woodcock's Walks around the Malverns