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Day One proper! First of January

Midnight Rolls Around

Nothing special planned this new year - a night in front of the television, a film ( The way way back ), some food and some booze. My plan kicks into action at midnight on the dot.

I've eaten my last takeaway curry for a few weeks ( thanks for a great one Harborne Tandoori ) finished off my champagne ( Last time I save cash and buy Champagne Monsigny Blanc De Noirs instead of a cheeky Veuve Cliquot - not to my palette ), sunk my last beer for a month and washed the lot down with a load of fruit juice

I then made the most sobering steps ever, revealing a rather disturbing personal record - a body weight of 98.4kg. I'm not doing this diet to lose weight ( though I'd be surprised if I didn't ) but some manner of health check is definately required. I'll be attempting to record my weight on a daily basis in order to see how the month shapes out.

That's it for now - I'm off to bed.

Start of Day

Ever wonder what 15 grammes of marmalade looks like? I decided to weigh it, and it turns out to be a reasonably laden teaspoon.

I broke fast this morning with my first clementine. I then got on with preparing breakfast - a breakfast which as I write I have just finished consuming.

The porridge was a little sloppy, but thats what you get for reading the instructions after cooking - and it tasted a great deal better than it looks!

The consequence of this culinary error is that it appears I've over calculated how much milk I need per portion. The packet suggests I need 180ml for 30g dry porridge.

I'm using 50g dry porridge, which equates to 300ml of milk. The rather exciting consequence is that not only does the milk get easier to measure, I should be able to get 11 servings out of one carton.

A belated luncheon

Reality struck the plan today. A delay in departing home left to a delay in returning. I felt hunger for the first time in ages.

Having to sit next to someone eating a warm, machine vended pizza slice is not a totally pleasant experience when you are peckish and all of your food is some miles away. I'm just glad the diner in question didn't leave any - it would have been hard to resist.

Finally, we get home. I eat down my second Clementine of the a day and work on portioning up my cheese - doing it by eye, and using the scale to check. I manage to cut 10 x 30 gram slices and one 50 gram slice - give or take a couple of grams here or there.

My attempt at a carbonara inspired eggy cheesy spaghetti dish didn't develop into quite the culinary feast I had hoped for - despite half inching a slither of butter from the stores.

I identified two - perhaps three main scapegoats for which to blame. The first - a lack of salt really undermining things. The second - two much fluid - very little of which stuck the pasta in the way I'm used to. I ended up drinking the eggy, herby, cheesy, buttery liquid after eating the spaghetti.

I'm left fearing how portable the meals I need to eat will be - whilst the office in which I work has microwaves, kettles and toasters, if I need to spend a period of greater than a half a day away then it could cause some tricky logisitics. Which has left me scratching my head how I'm going to deal with a day in City two hours away from home next week.

A dissapointing dinner

I decided to raid the butter again, and despite not feeling particulary hungry, had a go at beans and saute potatos for tea.

The half tin of 24p beans was suprisingly pleasent - but in a temporary fit of lowered intellect I forgot to boil then slice the potatos, and instead sliced and then boiled them. The casualties were significant - I must have lost a third of the potato slices into a starchy mess in the pan.

The few potatos, and skin rings, fried reasonably well, the beans tasted alright, and a huge portion of breadcrumbed fish or chicken, accompanied with some brown sauce was noticably absent.

The weigh in

A slightly larger proverbial kick in the balls than last night, 100kg, 15 stone 6 pounds. Ridiculous diets are no way to loose weight and it's tempting to stop and focus on sensible weight loss.

Having said that, I don't feel the need to alter plans in the short term - I've already prepared a jacket potato and beans for tommorow, but I do need to put a lot more effort into meal plans.

Note: On the 16th January, I noticed an error in the "Totals to date" table below. It appears I forgot there were 31 days in January, and based the calculations of the cash remaining on a 30 day month. This means there should be one pound more to spend than shown in the table.


I'm fat, have had two failed meals and a dawning realisation that if I'm going to complete this, then the portion size needs a lot of upward adjustment. Not the greatest start, but it's one day down, 30 to go. I'm returning to Aldi tommorow to take advantage of their newest super 6 - both Garlic and Celery on at 39p.

Totals to date

Cash Spent13.57
Cost of Food Eaten1.06 ( Assuming 10p worth of butter used )
Cash Remaining16.43
Days Remaining30