Doing the Math! December 31st

All herbs must die

Having slept on it I have grown to regret my purchase of a 49p jar of herbs.

I see the purchase as the height of bourgeois middle class decadence, and a failure to appreciate the mission I am on. Any advantage of the flavour enhancement provided by the herbs are more than offset by the damage to the budget where protein and veggies are concerned.

And onto the budget

Taking of budget and calculations, it's way past time to look at the budgetary aspects of my intended diet. A more sensible man would have done these sums before shopping. Then again, a more sensible man would probably have not started this madness in the first place.

Note: On the 8th January I discovered that I made an error in the costing of milk below - it should read £1.48 a bottle, not £1.15. This error was costed into early servings, and I attempt to make good the error later.
ItemCostServingsCost per servingProtein per serving
Eggs 10 pk large£1.1510 eggs£0.126.3 g
Semi Skimmed Milk 6 pints£1.1510 x 330 ml£0.1211.9 g
Salted Butter£0.9810 x 25g£0.100.15 g
Ex. Mat. White Cheddar *£1.8910 x 30g£0.197.7 g
Tuna Flakes in Brine£0.492 x half tins£0.2514.2 g
Red Split Lentils£0.9510 x 50g£0.103.8 g
E/E long grain rice *£0.4012 x 75g£0.045.4g
E/E Spaghetti - 500g£0.236 x 75g£0.049.5g
Porridge Oats 1 kg *£0.7518 x 50g£0.055.55g
Onions£0.695 Onions£0.141.1g
Potatos - Maris P 1.5kg£0.6915 x 100g£0.052.1 g
Carrots 1.5kg£0.6914 Carrots£0.050.9g
E/E Baked Beans£0.242 x ½ tin£0.128.8 g
Red Kidney Beans£0.231 tin£0.2317.52g
Peeled Plum Tomatoes£0.311 tin£0.314 g
Passata£0.321 Carton£0.326.6 g
Herbs£0.4920 sprinkles?3p per sprinklen/a
Stock Cubes£0.3912 cubes£0.041.8 g
Marmalade *£0.2724 x 15 g servings£0.020.01 g

The Asterix means I've tried to calculate with some slack due to the scale of portions

Given what I've read elsewhere, the Aldi calculation for proteins per lentil serving seems very low... A difference between dry weight and cooked weight perhaps?

Another Super 6 Purchase:

I have sucumbed to temptation and splurged out on another Aldi super 6 offer - 8 Clementines for 69p. Working out at 9p per clementine. Added to Sundays £12.88 that makes £13.57 spent so far.

My 96p menu for tomorrow:

As a first day, I thought I would go with my gut and try to eat something varied...

Fruit: 2 x Clementine ( 9p ) = 18p

Breakfast: A power porridge breakfast of Porridge oats ( 5p ), 330ml Milk ( 12p ) , 15 g Marmalade ( 2p ) = 19p

Lunch: Egg ( 12p ), Cheese ( 19p ), Spaghetti ( 4p ), Herbs ( 3p ) = 37p

Dinner: 2 servings potato (10p), 1 serving beans ( 12p ) = 22p

I'm not sure what I can say about this - from where I am sitting it looks alright - hardly scrimping - be interesting to see how it tastes...