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One target down! January 31st

Thanks to the tremendous generosity of my employer, trading as Majestic SEO, my £1000 target for fundraising has now been met! I was speechless when I saw the notification of the sponsorship, as I was not expecting this kind act. It feels great to have met this target!

That just leaves the second part of my challenge - getting to midnight without eating anything I have not purchased.

I'm going to run this post in a different order to normal, and close off on my meals for the day...

From the mailbag

I was pleased to see this message of support and suggestion from Eileen of how to spend my last £1.54

"Wow. Almost there. As to what to buy on the last day, that's a difficult one. I am le aning towards the fruity goodness I think. plus a tin of everyday essentials rice pudding at 15 pence. You will then have one lucky penny left. Shine it up and keep it !!!

Blueberries wold be nice on hot rice pudding. You have plenty of veg, potatoes and garlic left to make quite an interesting veggie stew. The possibilities are endless. The challenge however is not endless. its all over at midnight tonight. Whoopee !

Please feel free to wear a self satisfied grin all day and kick the vending machine when you pass it. ;-)"

Eileen, via contact form

Thanks Eileen! I was so tempted to go and get my picture taken with a foot lifted in the general direction of the vending machine, but I've been so busy today I didn't get the opportunity. I love your suggestion, carry on reading to see if I follow it...

The Trussell Trust get in touch

I was stoked when Hannah from the Trussell trust got in contact yesterday, and I have exchanged a couple of emails with Hannah and Rachel from the Trust about featuring the challenge in the Trussell Trust NewsWire.

I was shocked by the turnaround, and found the pound a day challenge featured in the Newswire today! I am deeply greatful to Hannah and Rachel and all at the Trust for the kind words!

If you haven't already, please consider signing up to the Trussell Trust NewsWire - to do so please visit the Trussel Trust homepage and scroll down until you see the input box.

Hitting target!

I was so happy to receive a flurry of donations today - thanks Nick, and Ash for your generous donations of £31 - significant as they match my january food budget!

I was near speechless when I checked my email at half four, and found the most generous donation to date - £413.50 from my employer, taking the total raised by the pound a day challenge to £1000 ! I honestly felt like I had hit the jackpot! Here's what Majestic SEO had to say about this crazy scheme:

We are all impressed - at both your perseverance and your insanity...

Donation by Majestic SEO on 31/01/14 via JustGiving.com

Wow - I'm flattered by the kind words regard my stubborness, and chuffed to bits of the recognition of my unique skill set ;)

Tonights £1.54 supermarket sweep!

I spent a while in Aldi tonight. All manner of purchases went through my mind. I was tempted by a few products - what used to be a traditional chocolate covered flapjack ( 49p ), two tiramasu ( 99p ), aldi essentials chocolate ( 30p ). After some serious consideration, I decided that IF january were to be the start of a change for me, I had to celebrate with restraint. That made me think about Eileens vege-casserole idea, so I thought about potential accompaniments to the dish. I decided bread was a good bet, and my shop began with two naan breads.

Next up was the blueberries - at 69p, a hard offer to pass on in January. This left just 36p - more than enough for rice pudding, but after almost a month of daily porridge, rice pudding felt a little too porridgey to inspire me as a last meal choice. I briefly contemplated tomatoes, in order to use as a base for the casserole, but after eating the twelfth minestrone soup this month for lunch today, I decided to skip on another tomato based soup dish for dinner.

I decided to partner the blueberries with strawberry yoghurt - and purchased two pots of Everyday essentials strawberry yoghurt at 15p a pop, bringing my total shop to £1.48!

2 x Strawberry Yoghurts£0.30
G&C Naan Bread£0.49


After preparing two bowls of porridge from my reserves yesterday evening - one for myself, and one for my wife, I awoke to consume my bowl, decorated with the remainder of the frozen fruit mix. My wife rates the "overnighted" Aldi everyday essentials as being far superior to her usual choice of oats-so-simple. I suspect I have a convert...

Following a busy day at work, incorporating a lunchtime swim and bowl of minestrone, and my shopping trip to Aldi, I return home to prepare my dinner - it is to be a two course feast - starting with vege-casserole and ending with a dessert of strawberry yoghurt and blueberries.

Ingredients Vege-casserole with Naan Bread.

205g Frozen Veg£0.18
3 Potatoes£0.12
1 Clove garlic£0.02
1 Stock cube£0.04
62g Lentils£0.10
1 Naan bread£0.25

What the meal lacks in gastronomy, it makes up for in substance - by the end of the main course I am so stuffed, I cannot even begin to consider eating a single blueberry - let alone a yoghurt! I decide the wise choice is to let my meal go down and think about dessert later.

How today's £1.42 was spent:

Fruity Porridge £0.40

Ministrone £0.31

Vege-casserole £0.71

I have to say that I was suprised to see two more donations tonight - totalling £55 - thank you to the two anonymous donors for pushing my total higher!

The food surplus

I am surprised by the amount of food I have remaining - if I had a time machine, I would be tempted to send some of it back with notes instructing me to tuck in!

I do promise that this food will not go to waste - to do so would be to undermine the challenge.

2 x Strawberry Yoghurts£0.30
1¾ bulbs garlic£0.17
⅕ Jar herbs£0.09
137g Stuffing mix£0.29
135g Spaghetti£0.06
212g Porridge£0.15
2 cubes frozen sauce£0.05
1 frozen naan bread£0.24
½ Jar Sweet chilli sauce£0.39
4 teaspoons marmalade£0.03


I have to thank everyone who has followed this, promated the challenge, donated to the Trussell trust, and provided moral support. I'd also like to thank my wife, Lynsey, for her help and support through this challenge. Thank you all for your help and support.

Well, that's it for today. I'll aim to come back to this blog in the next few days, and I promise to post some retrospective thoughts in just over a weeks time on the 9th February, and another post on the 2nd March to see how things look a month down the line. Please feel free to post any questions or observations you may have on the contact form - and I'll try to review some in the future!


It's almost bedtime - time to finish todays post, upload my blog, and prepare my porridge for the morning. I am so full that the blueberries and yoghurt will just have to be reserved to be served with my porridge over the next couple of days.

I will go to sleep with the satisfaction of hitting my financial target of raising £1000 for the Trussell Trust, and completing my personal goal of spending no more than £31 on all my food for january. Only time will tell if this challenge marks the start of a new chapter in what I eat and how I live my life.

If this blog has been of interest - please pay Sue a visit at 365 pounds - 365 days - Sue has been tremendously supportive of this challenge, and now has 11 months left of her frugal challenge. Please visit Sue's site and lend your support.

Totals to date

Cash Spent£30.94
Meals Eaten93
Cash remaining:£0.06
Value of food remaining:£2.46
Average daily cost of food:£0.91
Average Cost of each meal:£0.31
Days Remaining:0 !