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Planning my last shop! January 30th

It's my last day, and Aldi have just released their latest super six offer. Thanks to Eileens vigilence, I was aware of their fruit offer yesterday.

Having consumed three decent meals today, I am satisfied and confident that I venture into my last day of my challenge expecting success.

How today's £1.50 was spent:

Fruity Porridge £0.40

Peanuts £0.13

Pasta, Peas & Cheese £0.46

Pea Soup & Roll £0.51

Prepared Meals

I've saved the last of the frozen fruit for enhancing my porridge over the last couple of days. The fruit and porridge makes a lovely combination - so much so that I intend on eating fruit and porridge as my default breakfast of choice once this challenge is over. I find myself looking forward to my porridge tomorrow.

I have an out of town meeting today, so prepared myself some peanuts, and some pasta with sauce, peas and cheese. In hindsite, I'm glad I wolfed down the peanuts prior to disembarking the train, as the meeting I am due to attend is moved into a restaurant, and turns into a meeting over lunch.

An apology and explanation later, I find myself sipping water whilst the fellow attendess dine on a rather fine looking business lunch. Seeing as I invented the rules for this challenge myself, it's a bit of an odd situation - I end up spending more of my money to avoid eating food that I could justifiably claim back on expences. My justification for this silly rule is all down to the annoyance I felt when reading others who attempt a low budget diet, only to sponge off their mates or find themselves managing to blag invites to every free buffet in town.

Ingredients Peas, Pasta, Sauce

100g Frozen peas£0.10
75g Spaghetti£0.04
1 Portion cheese£0.19
1 Bag sauce£0.13

Following the meeting, I rush back to the train, find a seat, and immediately tuck into my lunch, which is suprisingly tasty and filling.


Tonight, I decided to dine on pea soup and a bread roll - weighing in at a whopping 51p - it is only because of my proverbial belt tightening to date that the cost of this meal is possible to contemplate on top of the budget exhausted on the rest of the meals I have consumed today. The pea soup tastes significantly less overcooked than it did previously - I suspect that the regret over it's preperation has deminished since I cooked the soup in less than ideal circumstances.

My final stocktake

In the interests of thoroughness, I thought it appropriatte to do a stock take before I start the last day. It appears I easily have sufficient supplies for breakfast and lunch, and perhaps dinner if I'm not bothered on celebrating my last meal.


It looks like I have sufficient food to last me the last day - albeit perhaps not in the most exciting form. I also have £1.54 to left in my budget, which I could save, or spend a number of ways - here are some of the thoughts I have had over the last few days:

Option One - Pasta! Change:- 65p

This involves the purchase of a jar of Aldi Specially Selected pasta sauce. I then serve it with lentils and a healthy serving of pasta, possibly with a side of potatoes.

Pros: Compliments existing ingredients and leaves me some money to play with.

Cons: Perhaps this is due to unfamiliarity with cooking with lentils, but lentils and pasta sound a bit wierd.

Option Two - Lentil Curry! Change:- 0p

For this option - I need rice - Aldi sells sachets of vegetable rice which costs 25p. To this, I add half a jar of Specially selected madras curry sauce - the jar costing £1.29. I can then make a lentil madras - as long as there is sufficient fat on the butter wrapper I have kept in the cupboard to fry the spices!

Pros: Uses up all the money. Makes a change

Cons: Uses up all the money. I'm planning on having a celebratory curry on sunday.

Option Three - Bacon Sandwich! Change:- 29p

I have a roll in the freezer, and some cubes of sauce. These could be coupled with a few rashers of £1.25 aldi essentials bacon to make the bacon sandwich I was lusting after a few days ago. I'm hoping that the bacon will have sufficient fat to fry.

Pros: Quenches the lust for a bacon sandwich.

Cons: Cheap meat may not be the most ethical food - leaving my last meal tainted with cruelty.

Option Four - Fishfinger butty! Change:- about 5p

Aldi do some quite nice cod fish fingers for £1.19. The difficulty with the fish fingers is that I need fat in which to fry them. I beleive the only fat I can afford with the remaining cash is lard, at a cost of about 40p a block.

Pros: Substantial butty, and 6 fish fingers left over for another meal.

Cons: Fish fingers fried in lard... Doesn't exactly tempting...

Option Five - Lentil Burger! Change:- £1.04

Aldi do a block of baking "fat" - a vegetable oil derivitive, if memory serves right for 50p. I could opt for a repeat of the vege burger I attempted earlier on in my challenge, and still have change to buy other foodstuffs.

Pros: Uses up stuffing and some frozen veg.

Cons: The lentil burger wasn't great last time.

Option Six - Fruit me up! Change:- 16p

Yesterday, Eileen gave me a heads up of todays super six offer - Braeburn apples, oranges, and blueberries at an impressive 69p each. At these low prices, I can afford two bags of fruit with money to spare!

Pros: Lots of lovely vitamins.

Cons: A little low on protein.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to use my contact form to get in touch!


I have now eaten 90 meals on my challenge and have just 3 remaining, and potentially £1.54 towards an end of challenge feast!

Due to pessimistic approach to accounting for my food consumed, I find myself with a quanitity of food remaining AND having calculated a higher cost of my food consumption than I have spent - I consider this a success!

Totals to date

Cash Spent£29.46
Value of Food Consumed:£29.85
Cash to spend:£1.54
Days Remaining:01