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Fruity luxury porridge! January 27th

I put yesterdays tinned sardine experience behind me with three good meals - fruity porridge, chilli with veg rice and minestrone soup.

I have now raised over £500 towards the Trussell Trust - many thanks to all of those who have contributed!

How today's £1.16 was spent:

Porridge £0.42

Chilli & Veg Rice £0.43

Minestrone £0.31

A fine days dining.

I started the day with fruit porridge - a fine start to anyday. The fruit mixture complemented the porridge beautifully. All was lovingly prepared last evening, making for an easy start to the morning.

Lunch was lentil chilli - another dish that I aim to eat regulary throughout the rest of the year. I combined it with vegetable rice, and briefly contemplated the giddy excess of the addition of sweet chilli sauce before gaining a grip on reality and realising that I cannot contemplate such recklessness...

The day was finished with a serving of minestrone soup - I have two portions remaining, and 4 lunches remaining. It's a pleasant soup, but perhaps the quantity I made was excessive - minestrone soup every other day has a certain monotony to it. Still, I should be greatful that I have an excess of minestrone rather than a surplus of tinned sardines.

More publicity

My employer, Majestic-12 featured me in their blog today, which caused a fair few tweets - hopefully some of which will result in more donations.

I've also arranged to go to an out-of-town town meeting later in the week, which will require another packed lunch - a tricky task with only a few days left.


My stocks are now reaching the point where no stock take is required. I have two minestrones and a pea soup in the freezer, along with some milk, cheese, vegetables, and sauce. I am exhausting supplies by the day - using up the remainder of my rice and chilli today.

I'm not sure how close I can get to my last meal on friday without resorting to shopping, so it will be interesting to see if I can delay further purchases until the next Aldi "super 6" deals are released on thursday.

Totals to date

Cash Spent£29.46
Value of Food Consumed:£26.31
Cash to spend:£1.54
Days Remaining:04