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Scrambled Eggs and nutritional substitute! January 26th

I am so glad I had tinned sardines for dinner today - glad because they are now a slightly unpleasant event I have experienced in my past, rather than a slightly unpleasant experience I have to look forward to in my future.

Despite my food costing substantially more than usual today, this is one of my more disappointing days dining.

How today's £1.17 was spent:

Porridge £0.07

Scrambled Eggs £0.57

Sardines & pasta £0.53

A disappointing start.

I had another disorganised evening yesterday, which meant I didn't prepare my porridge as I have been doing normally. My failure to prepare had the knock on effect of me not realising that I had also failed to defrost any milk for my porridge.

Running late, I had no choice but to eat porridge with water and marmalade. The experience did not give me a great deal of pleasure. Regrettably, I did not get a picture, but I have no intention of throwing away a perfectly good 50g worth of porridge attempting to recreate the missed shot.

Ingredients Watery porridge hell

50g Porridge£0.05
250ml Watern/a
Spoon marmalade£0.02


With three eggs remaining, I decide to have a bumper scrambled egg, and put my "eggs from caged hens" purchasing experience behind me.

By half past noon, sufficient milk had defrosted to prepare my scrambled eggs. For a change, I added some herbs - though I haven't costed them below, as I have probably already allocated enough funds to more than cover the cost of the jar.

I didn't put as much love into the eggs as I have done previously, and it showed in the result - a little too much milk, and a little too long in the microwave.

Ingredients Scrambled Eggs on Toast

1/2 Roll£0.07
3 eggs£0.36
Small sprinkle herbsn/a
~ 100ml milk£0.05
2 Cubes sauce£0.09


Every time I have glanced at the tinned sardines I purchased some days ago, I have wished that I had never taken the tinned fish anywhere near the checkout, let alone home.

After putting off the inevitable for long enough, I have decided that tonight is the night that the sardines shall be served. I opt to have them with pasta.

Ingredients Unsatisfactory sardines

1 Tin sardines£0.40
75g pasta£0.04
3 cubes sauce£0.09

The sardines taste as good as they smell, which is similar to how great they look with the pasta. They do not look that great.

After cooking I seriously contemplate throwing dinner away, before checking the date on the now empty sardine tin, and convincing myself that my hunger will accommodate the flavour. I am almost right. I know some people are fans of tinned sardines, but - based on this experience, I am not one of them. I'm just glad I didn't decide to split the tin between two days.

I was aiming to do a stock take tonight - instead, I will leave that until tomorrow, and tonight focus on preparing my food and other household chores.


Today has not been a day of culinary treats. This was down to disorganisation, a lack of care, and a poor choice of ingredients. I have received righteous punishment for my failure to treat my food with the utmost respect.

Having tasted the pound-a-day staple of watery porridge I now feel totally vindicated my my decision to include milk in my diet, and cook my porridge with milk and water - it is a dish I hope to continue to enjoy long after this January becomes a distant memory.

Totals to date

Cash Spent£29.46
Value of Food Consumed:£25.15
Cash to spend:£1.54
Days Remaining:05