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Penultimate friday! January 24th

A few more donations today have pushed my fund raising total up to £463.50 - thanks Oliver for the generous symbolic months donation ( £31 ), and Elaine for £5.00 - Elaine also included a message - "Best wishes for success, and congratulations from USA on your tenacity.".

I am stunned to see that news of my challenge has crossed the Atlantic - thanks Elaine!

How today's £0.98 was spent:

Porridge £0.17

Chilli & Rice £0.33

Fruit Pancake £0.48


Today's dining was straight forward. I prepared both breakfast and lunch yesterday evening, leaving me with just dinner to cook. I decided to have egg white pancakes again today, which, now I know the appropriate amount of ingredients to use, were simple to prepare, and tasty.

The egg white pancakes also leave me with some egg yolks for the egg fried rice that I intend to cook tomorrow, based on Sue's previous advice, and having read the guardians How to cook perfect egg fried rice article.

I hadn't had much time for the guardians "How to cook perfect..." series before this challenge, but as I've progressed, it has grown on me - not so much for the recipe, but for the way that the alternatives are discussed - which is a fantastic resource when you have a limited set of ingredients.

From the mailbag

A handy tip from Sue:

Just a little tip for future cheese freezing escapades ... grate it first!!

Then you can use it virtually straight from the freezer. As long as you don't pack it too tightly in a plastic box it remains free flowing and by the time a pasta dish has cooked your cheese is thawed enough to sprinkle.

It's going really well, brilliant to get the paper involved, let's hope it leads to even more publicity.

Sue, via contact form

Sue, thanks for the tip - as it happens I have tonnes of cheese in the freezer, grated into little tubs - we had some left over from a party, and my mother gave us the tip of how best to save it for future use. Other than grating fatigue, I'm not too sure why I didn't grate the cheese for this challenge - perhaps I suspected that the gratings wouldn't do too well in a toastie bag - but that's scraping the bottle of the excuse barrel.

Regardless of how I managed to end up with the inflexibility of lumps of frozen cheese, it's still a great tip to blog, and I'm very greatful to Sue for giving me the opportunity to do so.


I now have 7 days, or 21 meals to eat, and £1.54 to spend on food. This weekend I intend to do my last stock take, and develop a meal plan for the remaining few days. I have 1200ml of milk in the freezer, and have made my porridge for tommorrow - so I am confident I have sufficient milk and porridge to see me through my breakfasts.

I now have one more Friday to go until my challenge is completed. I'm hoping to be able to loosen the purse strings, and concentrate on eating up the food I have, rather than focussing on stretching my supplies the full distance.

Tomorrow, I awake to the last Saturday of pound-a-day diet. Each day from tomorrow morning will be the last of it's type for the month.

Totals to date

Cash Spent£29.46
Value of Food Consumed:£22.70
Cash to spend:£1.54
Days Remaining:07