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Press Coverage! January 23rd

Earlier this week, with the hope that some press coverage would help me meet my fundraising target, I contacted the news desk at the Birmingham mail. I was a little surprised with the speed that they were able to perform both an interview, arrange a photographer to visit, and publish.

Purchasing the paper today, I was taken aback to find a substantial article on page 3!

How today's £0.92 was spent:

Porridge £0.17

Minestrone £0.31

Peas, Eggs, Pasta, Cheese £0.44

Making news

After 23 days, there is very little to write about porridge and ministrone. There, is however, something to say about being featured in Birminghams leading daily paper.

Article in Birmingham Mail

I'm stoked with the coverage in the paper, though slightly dissapointed that this hasn't as yet resulted in a massive surge of donations via my Just Giving page.

In case their are any vegans outraged by this "lentil slur" - I would just like to say that I do like lentils, and they will become a bigger part of my diet in the future. I may, however make the effort to add a few more ingredients to make lentil based dishes a little more imaginative than the punishment lentils I endured in week one of this challenge.


After Sue's recipe suggestion yesterday, I have been trying to decide whether to have egg fried rice, or pasta for dinner tonight. The crunch moment came when I remembered that I had taken a portion of cheese out of the freezer to defrost yesterday, prior to reading Sue's comment.

I had been saving my last portion of butter for a lentil burger, but have to admit that egg fried rice feels like a much better meal on every level than a stuffing flavoured lentil patty. All things being well, I hope to tick the "Egg Fried Rice" box by the end of January.

Ingredients Peas, Eggs, Pasta, Cheese

2 Egg yolks£0.12
75g pasta£0.04
Portion Cheese£0.19
90g Peas£0.09

After cooking the pasta and peas, I add them to a hot pan, before removing the pan from the heat and stirring in the egg yolks, cooking them in the residual heat of the pasta. I serve, and "sprinkle" over the chopped portion of cheese.

Whilst not a classic, the dish is surprisingly edible.


I am now looking forward to Saturday. Saturday marks the start of the last week of my diet.

Milestones have been one of the tools I have used to get through this month - continually focusing on some symbolic point a couple of days forward, and planning my route to that point. As my father would say, eating the elephant one day at a time

I've also been contemplating my shopping to date, in particular, the speciality loaf I splashed out on the 6th January. I am pondering if this too, has been a coping mechanism - namely a reward system to maintain motivation.

Totals to date

Cash Spent£29.46
Value of Food Consumed:£21.72
Cash to spend:£1.54
Days Remaining:08