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Chilli, rice & sponsorship! January 22nd

Today, I am pleased to announce that I have a day sponsor - scoperks - this was mostly arranged over last weekend, but due to a busy personal schedule, I did not have time to feature them until today. I'd like to thank Scoperks for taking a leap of faith, and sponsoring me and tweeting about this challenge without requiring any commitment on my part.

How today's £0.85 was spent:

Porridge £0.17

Chilli & Rice £0.33

Cheese Toastie £0.35

From the mailbag

In order to promote this challenge, and my fundraising efforts, I contacted a local business circular, and asked that they feature my challenge in their weekly email bulletin. I was pleased when a local entreprenuer read about my challenge and contacted me. Over to Radu Judele, who is developing "a retail experience with a difference", called scoperks.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for seeing me earlier!

As I said, I think what you are attempting to do is great and it is even better that you are doing it for a good cause.


If there is anything I can help with I am more than happy to help! In fact I will tweet about what you are doing to our nearly 1k followers and hope it will make a difference.

Let me know when you are around for a chat andI am looking forward to speak to you soon!

Best wishes, Radu Judele

Radu Judele, via contact form

I'm touched by Radu's generosity and interest in this challenge, and asked him if he would mind me making scoperks the sponsor of the day - as a thanks for their sponsorship and promoting my challenge. I hope that scoperks act inspires other local businesses and individuals to promote my challenge, in turn helping me reach my fundraising goal.


I'm rushing towards the end of my challenge - I'm now ( just ) over ⅔ of the way through. Perhaps it's this, or the dramatic weight loss, that has put me in a reflective mood today.

Prior to this diet, breakfast tended to consist of a bacon and sausage buttie, with lashings of brown sauce. As things stand at present, I have no desire to replace my tasty, wholesome porridge with a processed pork bap, and am also left contemplating the relative value of a coffee that costs about two and a half times my current daily food spend.

Breakfast ran surprisingly smoothly this morning. Preparing my porridge the night before I need it may well become a life-long occupation.


Lunch consisted of lentil chilli and rice. I don't know if it was the partnership with rice, or the freezing and thawing of the chilli, but it tasted far better than I remember the chilli I had on saturday the 18th. I've made myself the promise to try to cook a lentil chilli from scratch once the challenge is over.

My reflective mood continued after lunch. I've become aware of quite how much I was snacking between meals - the 4 o'clock chocolate bar, the pork pie I used to treat myself to if I went shopping at Tescos, the flapjack I used to buy from the checkout at Aldi. All these snacks and more must have significantly contributed towards my weight building to the level it was at the start of this challenge.

Dinner consisted of a cheese toastie between dashes to different shops. I have come to believe that cheese toasties should not be considered a meal in themselves, and as such, I would have like to have something with it - perhaps a small side of vegetable rice, or some fruit. My fruit, however, was frozen, and I only have a limited amount of rice remaining unless I buy more.

From the mailbag

As I was preparing this post for publishing, I recieved a suggestion from Sue regarding the two egg yolks that I didn't get around to using today:

How about using your egg yolks to make some egg fried rice, just a suggestion. Or do you have other plans for them :-)

Sue, via contact form.

Thanks for the suggestion Sue!

Egg fried rice is certainly a very tempting proposition. I had been thinking about using egg yolks with pasta, peas and cheese, and it's nice to have another option. Egg fried rice with chilli sauce does sound far more tempting than the chance of a repeat of my last carbonara inspired accident. My only concern with egg fried rice is that I only have about 12 grams of butter remaining, and I'm not sure I am ready to say goodbye to the frying pan just yet.


I've now begun week 4 - the last full week of my challenge. I'm now looking forward to saturday, which marks the first of the last seven days of my diet.

I have started asking myself - what next? After blogging everyday, and having undergone quite an interesting personal journey, I'm wondering if I am able to go back to my old ways - even if I wanted to?

Totals to date

Cash Spent£29.46
Value of Food Consumed:£20.80
Cash to spend:£1.54
Days Remaining:09