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The pancake returns! January 21st

Today, I attempt to cook another pancake, hoping for a better result than my previous attempts.

My fundraising is now just a little under 400 - many thanks to all those who have donated so far.

How today's 0.96 was spent:

Porridge 0.17

Minestrone 0.31

Fruit Pancake 0.48


For the first time in a few days, I didn't prepare my porridge the night before - this was a mistake. Porridge isn't tricky to prepare, but finding scales and a measuring jug, then weighing ingredients is something I prefer to avoid first thing on a cold winters morning.

It's been a hectic day, the reasons for some of which I hope to come back to in a future post. I manage to grab 15 minutes for minestrone - it's good, but has lost something in the freezing and thawing. When I next cook it, I'll leave the pasta out of any portions I freeze, as I suspect the pasta drank most of the broth before I had the chance to.


I had intended to eat some tuna tonight, but after failing miserably to make oat flour pancakes on my last attempt, I fancied another stab. This time, I decided to use equal quantities of oat flour, milk and egg white, and then add extra milk if necessary. Convienently, 50g of porridge oats appeared equivalent to 2 egg whites, needing about 150ml of milk to make a decent batter.

Ingredients Pancakes with Blackforest fruits

2 Egg whites0.12
50g Oat flour0.04
Tiny amount of buttern/a
150 ml Milk0.07
80g Blackforest fruits0.25

The pancakes looked much more like how pancakes are meant to look this time, and tasted great. I would have liked more fruit, but I'm not keen to go over a pound a day until my last week, when I hope to have a better understanding of the meals left available to me. My dinner left me with two egg yolks to use up, which will be interesting to cook with tommorow.


I believe I have now better adjusted to the smaller portions I have available to me, and am now suffering far less from the effects of chocolate and snack lust.

I am aware, however, that I have to put more effort into "spreading the word" about this pound-a-day january challenge if I am to make my fundraising target. I've made some efforts already, which I hope to be in a position to talk about soon.

Totals to date

Cash Spent29.46
Value of Food Consumed:19.78
Cash to spend:1.54
Days Remaining:10