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Lentil Burger! January 17th

Today, I attempt to make a burger out of lentils, stuffing mix, frozen vegetables and porridge oats.

I also manage to finally get around to doing a stocktake.

How today's 0.89 was spent:

Porridge 0.17

Vegetable Rice 0.29

Lentil Burger 0.43


Today, my good friend Alex returned to work. Supportive as ever, he enquired whether I was missing nice, rare, juicy steaks, and whether I was looking forward to enjoying a nice, rare, juicy steak when the challenge ends. I'm kinda glad he was absent for the first few days when my willpower was it it's weakest.


I decided to try to make myself a veggie burger tonight, using a similar method to the lentil patties I made over a week ago on the 8th January. After mixing cooked lentils and stuffing, I introduced the vegetables, set aside, and made 50g of "oat flour", of which I used half today.

I then formed a patty with the lentils mixture, and covered both sides with oat flour/flakes. It was quite a fragile beast, but I managed to transfer the patty to the pan and use half the butter to cook each side.

Ingredients Veggie Burger

25g porridge oats0.02
12.5g butter0.05
50g Lentils0.10
25g Frozen veg0.03
17g stuffing mix0.04
2 Cubes sauce0.06
1 Roll0.13

I manage, incredibly, to keep the "burger" in one piece during the journey from pan to roll. It's a big roll, and a big burger. The burger tasted of stuffing, but it made a substantial difference to lentils tasting of lentils or punishment. I think I enjoyed the change, but wouldn't rush back to the recipe after the challenge. A nice, rare, juicy steak, it was not.

From the mailbag

I recieved an email from Sue earlier:

It would be really interesting now that you have just passed the halfway mark to see what you have left in stock :-)

How about a photo of your 'larder'

Sue, via Contact form

Sue, I'm happy to oblige.

Learning from my earlier mistakes, I took Sues comment as a prompt to do a stocktake, and entered the data into a spreadsheet.


After looking at the amount of food I have available, I am cautiously optimistic. I hope I am a tin of kidney beans away from 4 servings of chilli, and pea soup seems an obvious option to generate more meals. Given I now have two weeks to go, that should mean I just need to generate 14 meals with the remaining ingredients and 1.77 in change - I wouldn't say that getting past the finishing line will be easy, but after two weeks of experience, it sounds like an achievable objective.

That does, however, leave the small matter of fundraising - I'm at 26% of my target and need to start putting in some effort into spreading the word!

Totals to date

Cash Spent29.23
Value of Food Consumed:15.92
Cash to spend:1.77
Days Remaining:14