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Porridge oats to flour to flatbread! January 15th

Today marks the start of week three of my diet. It is also another important milestone - there are two wednesdays ahead of me, and two wednesdays behind me, marking my approach to half way through the plan!

Today, I experiment making flour from porridge oats, and subsequently make a nordic inspired flatbread.

How today's £0.88 was spent:

Porridge £0.17

Colcannon & beans £0.35

Carrot soup & flatbread £0.36


Out of fear of a repitition of yesterday mornings disorganised chaos, I and had prepared my lunch box last evening, facilitating a reasonably smooth breakfast and departure.

An interesting conversation at work set me thinking about perspective - a colleague pointed out that his wife mentioned that many of my meals looked the same unapealing colour, I responded that when you are this hungry, everything tastes great.

This set off a series of thoughts in my mind. When I first opened the tinned tuna flakes back on day 2 of this challenge, I found the smell disgusting. Now, I see the tuna flakes as a nutritious treat to look forward to. My diet has altered - at least in the short term - how I perceive food.

I also seem to be showing signs of altering how I think about snacks. The chocolate machine once called to me in much the same way that I imagine mermaids serenaided ancient mariners. Today, it felt like an inanimate object. That's got to be a step forward?

A short swim preceeded my lunch of my last frozen portion of colcannon, and the remainder of the beans from yesterday.

Enter the flatbread

The vast surplus of oats I have in my stores have been a source of much contemplation, and as I forsee stocks of other items becoming scarce, I have been researching to see if I can use the porridge oats to contribute towards other meals besides breakfast.

I had a eurika moment, and wondered if I could grind the oats to make oat flour - to use in recipes in place of regular flour. A little googling later, and I found a site describing how to use a food processor to make Oat flour!

Armed with this information, I cheated a little yesterday evening, and made an oat flour pancake for my wife as dessert. Whilst I couldn't taste the pancake, I also cooked a regular pancake, to give my wife a taste of each to see which she preferred. Both were covered with maple syrup. The winner - the oat pancake. I have no eggs at present, but should I purchase some, it is likely that oat flour pancakes will appear on my menu.

After the apparent succeess of the oat flour pancakes, I decided to research further and find other recipes using oat flour. I discovered a few recipes for oat flatbread, but none described so charmingly as a recipe for "flatbrød" on the My Little Norway Site.

Armed with a recipe, and a ready supply of oats, I set to making my flatbread dough. My wife was curious about how I was going to source a pinch of salt, until I pointed out there was pretty good chance there may be some going spare in the pack of roasted salted nuts.

Ingredients Oat flatbread

50g porridge oats4p
Salt from nutsn/a
~30ml watern/a

There was not a great deal of excess salt in the packet of nuts, but I harvested what I could. The oats were no mix for the magimix, and after carfully adding water and kneading the mixture, I ended up with a small ball of oat dough. I left the oat dough for a few minutes whilst I defrosted my carrot soup, before rolling and cooking my flat breads in a dry pan.

The end result was pretty good, though I suspect the flatbreads could have done with being perhaps half the thickness - next time I may use the pasta maker to squeeze the flatbreads thinner still.

Note: On the 16th January, I noticed an error in the "Totals to date" table below. Cash spent to date at this point should read £24.52, not the £25.52 stated. There is therefore £6.48 left, rather than the £5.48 stated.


Today is the first of three milestones this week. On thursday, lunch marks the halfway point through my plan, but to me, saturday if anything is more important, as it marks the start of the penultimate week of my diet.

Totals to date

Cash Spent£25.52
Value of Food Consumed:£14.20
Cash Remaining:£5.48
Cash Reserved:£0.00
Cash to spend:£5.48
Days Remaining:16