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One stone in ten days! January 10th

Rounding off three days that I have begun to think of as "The Milk Trilogy" by using a mixture of milk and water (4:1) in my porridge. If anything, it tastes better than I remember.

I also step on the scales. It looks like I'm down to about 14 stone - meaning I've lost about a stone in the last ten days.

How todays 0.96 was spent:

Porridge 0.19

Beans on Toast 0.20

Cheese Omlette 0.57


My milk has thawed. In order to re-balance my milk related finances after my earlier mistake, I've decided to use 50ml of water and 200 ml of milk. I'm happy when it tastes pretty good.

I also try out the scales this morning. The reading is 14 stone. Much more, and I would be worried. It feels a little odd that I am weight watching from the opposite perspective one would usually expect this diet.

One things for sure - this is a month long stunt - not a lifestyle change.

My cupboard and my shelf in the fridge are running low - the rest of the day is almost going to choose it's self.


The chocolate dispensing machine on the ground flour has been peeking around the corner, casting lustfull glances up at me when I walk past it - I can see them through the corner of my eye. It wouldn't be so bad, if it were quiet. "Steeeve" it says "Chooocoolate". I swear it is stalking me. At 80p to 85p a bar, I'm going no where near it anytime soon.

It's been a long week, and I don't have enough energy for a long swim, after which I have the remaining bread crust and beans. They taste good, though not quite as good as scrambled egg.


I opt for a simple cheese omlette, followed by a clementine for dinner. It's damn tasty. I am starting to prefer two egg omlettes to the three egg variety I used to make - perhaps another legacy from this diet I am going to take forward.

Eggs consumed, I now have half a can of beans, 1 block of cheese, some butter, and some thawed milk in the fridge. I hope that's the last time I have to buy eggs from caged hens.

I am haunted slightly by the retrospective decision to save a couple of pennies on eggs and spend a couple on bread.

Turning to my cupboard, I now have 34p worth of stuffing, some rice, garlic, stock cubes, porridge and lentils. I am starting to suspect that the stuffing may be a purchase I come to regret.

Note: On the 16th January, I noticed an error in the "Totals to date" table below. It appears I forgot there were 31 days in January, and based the calculations of the cash remaining on a 30 day month. This means there should be one pound more to spend than shown in the table.


As my non-frozen supplies deminish, the available meals I have available to me are starting to reduce in variety. I'm torn between purchasing more food now and making the existing food last as long as possible.

My stock take and detailed planning is now long overdue. I may be able to get through the weekend if I resort to a serving of rice and lentils or two, but I am fully aware that I need to balance my spending, carbs and proteins if I am to obtain an arrangement of meals to last me till the end of the month.

Totals to date

Cash Spent17.39
Value of Food Consumed:9.45
Cash Remaining:12.61
Cash Reserved:3.71
Cash to spend:8.90
Days Remaining:21