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Toastie Breakfast! January 9th

Another day, another milk related dilemma. I hope this does not become a trend.

Having spent a great deal of the first week preparing and freezing meals, my diet appears to be entering a new phase - there is very little to prepare, dwindling supplies in the fridge and cupboard, but I have managed to store a great deal of prepared food in the freezer.

How todays 0.93 was spent:

Cheese Toastie 0.35

Carrot Soup 0.32

Onion, Lentil & Rice 0.26


I checked the use by dates of the perishable products when I purchased them. Milk was due to go off on the 9th, so I took the precaution of freezing some milk after researching the matter in the internet.

I pulled a portion of the freezer last night in order to defrost some in time for breakfast, and placed it in the fridge.

Unfortunately, too little had defrosted by breakfast time. A shame. Fortunately, I had other food ready to go ( for now - my cupboard is becoming sparse ) and prepared my first ever toaster pocket.

Change as good as a rest? Not in this instance. Don't get me wrong - the cheese toastie was fantastic and I look forward to enjoying many more in the future. However, my morning porridge has become an anchor for my day - a meal that sets me up for the morning, and a dietary change I hope to take forwards after this diet has finished. Added to that - the toaster pocket, costing 35p would be a cost efficient snack, were it not 15p more expensive than my usual snack.

Ingredients Cheese Toaster Pocket.

2 Slices bread16p
1 Portion Cheese19p

I had taken the morning off work to drive my latest Open University Assignment to my tutors. Due to some other commitments, I have to decide wether to have lunch - I've reserved a portion of carrot and potato soup, which I wolf down prior to going on a significant detour on my way to work.

At work, I fantasize about a tandoori mixed grill and tarka dal. I've made myself a promise to cook tarka dal, naan and rice for the family on a regular basis when I'm out of this plan. I find myself talking about food more than before. I'm not sure if it's because I'm noticing food related conversations or if I am bringing the subject up more.


Needing a cost effient snack, and having little ready to cook, other than rice, and lentils, I decide to cook some rice, and lentils. In order to spruce the meal up a little, I also decide to use up the half onion that has been sitting in the fridge for a few days.

Ingredients Lentils & onions with rice.

1/4 Portion butter3p
50g Lentils10p
1 Serving Rice4p
1/2 Onion7p
1 Clove Garlic2p

Watching the budget, I decide to use 6g of butter rather than the usual 12g "1/2 portion". It's a mistake - not nearly enough, and the pan dries out before the onions are cooked.

The meal is not particulary inspirational - I'd put it up their with "Nutritional Suppliment" in the culinary stakes.

Note: On the 16th January, I noticed an error in the "Totals to date" table below. It appears I forgot there were 31 days in January, and based the calculations of the cash remaining on a 30 day month. This means there should be one pound more to spend than shown in the table.


The fail over my milk defrosting this morning is another "red flag" highlighting my lack of preparation for this project. I've had some lucky breaks - such as Aldi coincidentally offering all the ingredients for a cheap minestrone over a couple of days, but I do need to stocktake and make sure I balance my protein, carbs and vegetables as I enter the final two thirds of my plan.

Totals to date

Cash Spent17.39
Value of Food Consumed:8.49
Cash Remaining:12.61
Cash Reserved:3.71
Cash to spend:8.90
Days Remaining:22