Milk Miscalculation! January 8th

Hoping to recalculate the value of porridge, I go back to re-assess the cost of milk per serving, only to realise I made a mistake and costed milk at 12p per 330ml rather than 15p!

I do not know as yet what effect will this error have on my budget.

How todays 0.99 was spent:

Porridge 0.19

Scrambled Egg on Toast 0.42

Lentil Patties & Rice 0.38

Packing Lunch

This morning I used the penultimate splash of milk from the fridge. Fortunately, I have already frozen 930ml.

I've never taken the ingredients for a scrambled egg into work before. It feels slightly odd. I "pack" the remainder of the milk, two raw eggs, and the crust of a slice of bread.

Later I find that taking the ingredients for scrambled eggs on toast is a truley excellent idea, and a crust of the seeded specially selected batch makes a wonderfull companion to eggs.

Ingredients Scrambled Egg on Toast.

150ml milk ( most drank )7p
2 Eggs24p
1 Slice bread8p
1 Sauce Cube3p

Return home from Work

Unsure what to have for dinner I decide to cost out my food so far today.

I've been adjusting the milk content of my porridge, and today hit on a measure I find produces the nicest porridge for me - 250ml per 50g of porridge oats.

Recognising that with the cost of milk, my lunch must cost close to 50p, I consider recosting the milk I'm using in my porridge in order to cope with the spend.

I'm shocked when I realise I made a mistake - I copied the cost of my milk wrong when I was "Doing the Maths" - putting 1.15 rather than 1.48. At 330ml per serving, a 1.48 bottle costs 15p per serving . I've been costing it so far as 1.15 a bottle, or 12p per serving. By happy coincidence, 250ml costs 12p, making the last few breakfast totals accurate, but throwing out some earlier in the first week.

One things clear - I need to do a stock take and double check my maths to find out what other mistakes I made, so I can try to adjust future spending to take errors into account.


My intent was some lentil and stuffing balls, served over rice, with tomato sauce. It didn't go quite as planned, the lentil-stuffing mix was far to wet, so I had little choice but to roll them in oats.

Looking at the oat covered balls, I suspected that the oats would eat up the butter, making it difficult to cook them, so I squashed them into patties.

Once in the pan, the oats behaved as I feared - drinking up all the butter, leaving little to cook the other side. I wasn't sure how the oats would impact the budget, so opted for one sauce cube rather than a bag.

The end result - oat covered lentil & stuffing patties on a bed of rice with a smidgen of sauce. They didn't taste great, but they weren't bad. I imagine that with a few vegetables, they would form a pretty good vegeburger - perhaps with breadcrumbs rather than oats as a coating.

Ingredients Lentil & stuffing patties with rice.

1/2 Portion butter5p
1 Cube sauce3p
50g Lentils10p
1 Serving Rice4p
1/2 Serving Oats3p
17 g Stuffing Mix4p

My budget almost maxed out, there is just enough room for a small clementine to finish things off.

Note: On the 16th January, I noticed an error in the "Totals to date" table below. It appears I forgot there were 31 days in January, and based the calculations of the cash remaining on a 30 day month. This means there should be one pound more to spend than shown in the table.


I've started using mild exercise as a replacement stimulant for caffine. Unfortunately I got carried away this lunch time and ended up swimming 40 lenghts. I need to watch it as I don't believe I'm consuming sufficient calories for high levels of exercise.

I'm not sure that oat covered lentil patties are going to catch on.

Totals to date

Cash Spent17.39
Value of Food Consumed:7.56
Cash Remaining:12.61
Cash Reserved:3.71
Cash to spend:8.90
Days Remaining:23