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Out of Town! January 7th

Today was my first lunch away from a kitchen. Normally, not a problem, but on a tight budget, where every penny counts, would this be the day that derailed the plan?

How todays 0.94 was spent:

Porridge 0.19

Cheese Sandwich & Carrot sticks 0.43

Carrot Soup 0.32

The trip out of town

The surreal part of my mind imagines a crowded train, most passangers standing, departing for london, with one reserved empty seat, frustrating nearby commuters, insensed with whoever had the crass insensitivity to reserve a seat and fail to use it or ring ahead to cancel.

I transfer my goods from lidl bag to briefcase, pausing to contemplate the merits of placing my lunch in an unfamiliar, well made lockable case.

I await the arrival of my train.

Arriving at the presentation, there is free tea and biscuits. It feels a little odd to be not consuming beverages and snacks that cost nothing to me. Fortunately, they have bottled water. Following the presentation, a quick review in Costa. Chat's over drinks are an essential part of business nowadays, so I opt for a bottle of water - ignoring the cost as, for the purposes of my diet "Water Is Free", and unfortunately purchasing a beverage in a cafe is kind of mandatory in order to utilise the space.

The thought about not consuming "Free" food and drink resurfaces as I walk to my train, as, were it not for my sandwiches, I could probably be justified in purchasing lunch on expences. In this instance, taking lunch has cost me money...

Convenientely, the train is waiting for me at the station. I find a seat and tuck into the lunch I prepared yesterday evening.

Ingredients Cheese and Celery Sandwich, Carrot Sticks.

1/2 Portion Butter5p
Celery left oversn/a Left over from soups
1 Portion Cheese19p
2 Slices bread16p
1/2 Carrots3p

I prepared lunch yesterday evening., which is delightful. I feel satisfied, in parr due to having chosen the largest of the eleven wedges I had previously carved from the cheese.


The portion of soup is small, but it seems to do the job. It doesn't taste as bad as I had feared, but I'm not sure if that is due to the flavour, my appetite, or the feeling that comes from not wasting 95p of ingredients.

Note: On the 16th January, I noticed an error in the "Totals to date" table below. It appears I forgot there were 31 days in January, and based the calculations of the cash remaining on a 30 day month. This means there should be one pound more to spend than shown in the table.


I've managed to cope with my first day away from a kitchen. It's not going to be the only one.

Having had a lot of my degree course to catch up on has limited the amount of time I can spend blogging today. I think I can do better organising my time - at least, I hope so, because I need to.

Totals to date

Cash Spent17.39
Value of Food Consumed:6.57
Cash Remaining:12.61
Cash Reserved:3.71
Cash to spend:8.90
Days Remaining:24