Soup it Up! January 3rd

The ehphoria created by cooking the soup and working out the price yesterday lasted well until I arrived at work today. I was so optimistic that I had my day worked out well that I decided to go for a pre-lunch swim - though limiting it to a few gentle laps of breaststroke in order to avoid burning off too many calories.

How todays 0.99 was spent:

Porridge 0.19

Minestrone Soup 0.31

Tuna, Pasta, Sauce 0.49

Today was easy - almost too easy. I fell into autopilot. At one point, without concious thought, I passed a bowl of sweets that someone had brought in, picked up a boiled sugar sweet, unwrapped it an popped it into my mouth before I realised what I was doing...

It came as quite a shock to find a sweet inside my mouth.

Fortunately, for some reason I had a paper napkin on my desk - which I used to catch the rapidly ejected sweet, leaving me concerned about how much weight I've gained popping things into my mouth without fully considering the consequences. I'm not sure I should be eating sweets with the same lack of effort as breathing.

Planning a Shopping Trip

Today felt good - getting off of the convenience diet and eating some real food was a real motivator. The demishing levels of cash have left me a little concerned, however that I may not last the distance. I'm running out of pasta, and I've got food that won't last the distance. I now need to balance my concerns of flavour, variety, cost and nutrition.

I don't want this to turn into a minestrone and tuna-pasta diet, but I can use up most of the remaining pasta, and a few of the vegetables which will not stay fresh forever, to make 6 more servings of minestrone. With a refuel of Milk and Porridge, that's all of my breakfasts, and 11 lunches prepared - 17 lunches and 28 dinners remaining to plan.

I still have my dairy - 9 eggs and 10 30 gramme portions of cheese. I suspect that a loaf of bread will make eating these far easier - and is a more suitable carb than the finite number of potatos I have left.

Peeled Plum Tomatoes31p131p
Red Kidney Beans23p123p
Total  4.25


Today felt good - getting off of the convenience diet and eating some real food was a real motivator. The tuna pasta might not be the greatest thing on earth, but it went down quite well.

Adding a reserve to the budget to cover predictable expences adds a degree of piece of mind that should hopefully help me make the distance.

Totals to date

Cash Spent15.48
Cost of Food Eaten2.95
Cash Remaining:15.52
Cash Reserved:4.25
Cash to spend:11.27
Days Remaining:28