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One Pound a Day Diet - January 2014

A few years ago I started rethinking new years resolutions. I decided it was better to make a resolution for January, rather than the whole year.

Since then, I've had much better success keeping them. One I've done on a regular basis is give up booze for the month. Sometimes, I give up tea and coffee too.

This year, 2014, I decided to do something a little different. I decided to see if I could live off an average of a pound a day for a month. I decided to blog it.

The Plan 29th December 2013

Read MoreWhat I thought this would be at the outset.

First Shop 29th December 2013

Read MoreFor some reason I thought that the best way to start this feat was not with a day by day menu with cost breakdown, but instead a trip to the supermarket.

Doing maths 29th December 2013

Read MoreOnly the recklessly niave would attempt a low budget diet by shopping first and deciding the meal portions later. In this post, following the shop, I tried to work out a sensible portion size.

Week One

Day one proper 1st January 2014

Read MoreHideously unprepared, I start on my first day with little or no sense of direction.

Hunger strikes 2nd January 2014

Read MoreBound by decisions made on day one, I continue to stumble forwards. Fortuantely Aldis latest offer and a late night cooking session offers redemption.

Soup it Up 3rd January 2014

Read MoreI manage to eat three square meals in one day. And exercise.

Poached Egg in Garlic Broth 4th January 2014

Read MoreStruggling with balancing flavour and nutrition, I attempt to make garlic soup.

Punishment Lentils 5th January 2014

Read MoreI spend the day in the kitchen, and celebrate by eating a frozen lentil mistake.

Speciality Bread 6th January 2014

Read MoreI decide to celebrate breaking through the resolution breaking first weekend by buying a budget busting 99p loaf.

Out of town 7th January 2014

Read MoreFor my first lunch away from the kitchen, I prepared a packed lunch.

Week Two

Milk miscalculation 8th January 2014

Read MoreWhilst attempting to adjust some elements of my daily food costs downwards, I find that I've mispriced some of the ingredients I've been using.

Toastie Breakfast 9th January 2014

Read MoreI break a pattern and deviate from porridge for breakfast.

One stone in ten days 10th January 2014

Read MoreStepping on the scales, I discover I've lost one stone in ten days.

Hunger returns 11th January 2014

Read More I over do it physically, and get hit by my diet. Fortunately, a couple of trips to Aldi and an unconventional dinner provides redemption.

Note: On the 23rd January I realised that the following comment implies that I enjoyed a lovingly prepared sunday roast. Whilst my family enjoyed every mouthful of the delicious meal, I had made alternative arrangements.

Visit relatives for sunday dinner 12th January 2014

Read MoreWe visit relatives for a lovingly prepared sunday roast dinner.

Exploding Porridge 13th January 2014

Read MoreI recieve some feedback from other bloggers, and accidentally explode some porridge in the microwave.

Late Start 14th January 2014

Read MoreDisorganisation causes me to loose time in the morning, and I take a look at the kitchen equipment I'm using to meet this challenge.

Week Three

Porridge oats to flour to flatbread! 15th January 2014

Read MoreI develop a cunning scheme to turn excess porridge oats into edible not-porridge.

Half way there! 16th January 2014

Read MoreLunchtime marks my half way point through my diet. I decide to celebrate after work by spending most of the remainder of my cash.

Lentil Burger! 17th January 2014

Read MorePrior to a full stocktake of my remaining food, I attempt to make a lentil burger.

Pea Souper! 18th January 2014

Read MoreIt's a saturday, which seems to mean cook day. I prepare a pea soup, and a lentil chilli.

Pancake Surprise! 19th January 2014

Read MoreI start the day with pancakes, which don't go exactly to plan.

Microwaved Hotpot! 20th January 2014

Read MoreWith support, a desire for lentil casserole eclipses the lust for bacon.

The pancake returns! 21st January 2014

Read MoreI decide to right previous wrongs, and have another go at making a porridge oat pancake.

Week Four

Chilli, rice & sponsorship! 22nd January 2014

Read MoreI've had a busy first day of week four.

Press Coverage! 23rd January 2014

Read MoreMy challenge is featured in the Birmingham Mail!

Penultimate friday! 24th January 2014

Read MoreTommorow marks the start of the last week of my challenge.

Budget Buster! 25th January 2014

Read MoreI exhaust my remaining stock of butter, and end up 28p over budget for the day.

Scrambled Eggs and nutritional substitute! 26th January 2014

Read MoreI have scrambled eggs on toast for lunch, and two other meals that are not quite as great.

Fruity luxury porridge! 27th January 2014

Read More Today I enjoy three meals which I would be more than happy to eat after my january challenge has concluded.

Left over onions! 28th January 2014

Read More I am so focused on the friday end date, I totally forget I am now four weeks worth of meals into my challenge!

Week Five

Rainbow cuts through the rain! 29th January 2014

Read More Yesterdays sense of acheivement wears off - leaving a void in it's place.

Planning my last shop! 30th January 2014

Read More Ninety meals down and three remaining, I start to imagine a 1.54 blowout on my last meal of the challenge!

One target down! 31st January 2014

Read More My final day of the challenge, and I'm glad to say that one of my two targets has been met before the midnight deadline!


One week on! 9th February 2014

Read More Just over a week after completion, I return with some thoughts of my challenge.