An Introduction and Justification

To the uninitiated this site could seem to be a mere flirtatation with ones ego, which is so contrary to its true purpose that it would be near to an act of conceit not to share it with you, the viewer/reader. The motivation to compose and distribute the writtings and illustrations that do and will make up this site is neither sinister nor egotistical. Whilst it is possible that the content of this site might challenge the perspectives and outlook of a number of visitors, that is only a unavoidable consequence of the medium selected.
Here is an attempt to clarify the principals on which this site is founded:


Minds are born uncluttered open to all investigation.


Over time The mind becomes cluttered with all manner of thoughts


Left unchecked, this clutter can limit the minds function.


A simple means of venting these thoughts is to wire the mind directly to the internet - using cutting edge innovations known as keyboards and phone lines.


Et voila - once the thoughts are freed there is space once more for contemplation and purer thoughts - like bunny rabbits and flowers:
So, in summary:

By pumping the stuff I don't want in my mind into yours I have more space for what I want to think about. Consider yourself privaliged.